Ambassador Whitfield, Chapter Two

Meet the new Ambassador. Same as the old Ambassador.

I am once again honored to be appointed by Lady Twilight to the post of Winterfell Ambassador. It was my favorite job in all my time in this world and I am lucky to be in a position to be able to return to it. And lucky that the Seneschelf would have me again.

I left the post last fall as a number of things were going on in my life in this world and in the other world that prevented me from being able to fully serve the Realm. It would have been a disservice to continue on at that time and I could not do that to my beloved Winterfell. I did not like walking away from the role but I had to walk away from many things at that moment. I relinquished my title as Duke of Evergreen as well. Some things can not be put back together nor would they fit with the new if they could.

But my life has changed quite a bit in these last four months and the changes keep on coming. It’s all good, as they say. Fortunately, the changes have now led me back to a role I cherish.

I have done a bit of diplomatic work in the past three weeks since my appointment but unfortunately an ailment has slowed me down. I look forward to resuming my full schedule shortly.


Another World

I have spent some time in the 21st century lately, not one of my favorite centuries but it has its good points.

Much has been going on in some of the worlds I visit there. One thing led to another and I was made aware of a brand new open sim-style world called AuroraScape. I went in just to visit but ended up doing something I thought I would never do again, I purchased some land there. And son-of-a-gun if it hasn’t become my second virtual home. My virtual home away from my virtual home, as it were.

Not sure how to explain it but the place and the people, the feel of it all, just drew me in. Just as Winterfell did. And Caledon, Austral, New Toulouse. I must be susceptible to that kind of thing.

Nothing will transplant Winterfell for me, as loyal readers know, but I always seem to like to have a second place to hang my hat as well. Not that I actually wear hats, unusual as that is for a 19th century gentleman but it’s just not me. Now, where was I…

Oh yes, the 21st century, AuroraScape. Now, I don’t want you thinking I am spending money beyond my means. I have become very frugal of late, in fact. Even as my virtual land holdings have grown substantially.

Nor am I spending time beyond my means. I have more land than ever but most of it doesn’t require my presence. It’s a far cry from my days as Mayor on the Mainland.

The Evergreen lands in Kitely pretty much take care of themselves. There isn’t much for me to do there except to review the daily reports, which I do while I’m sitting in my cabin in Winterfell. I just have to drop into Evergreen for a few minutes per month. In fact, aside from attending the Devokan Storytellers gatherings once a month in Curiosity, I don’t get over that way much at all anymore. It’s not what I had expected but that is how it has turned out. A recent incident there, not involving the Devokan project or lands at all, has soured me on the Kitely experience unfortunately. It will never be the second home I had envisioned.

But as one door closes, another opens.

Now about this land I “purchased” on AuroraScape. It didn’t actually cost me anything in terms of real dollars and it never will. It’s free. One uses the inworld currency, AC$, but as the community’s leader says, it’s just play money. You earn the money by being involved in the community. It’s very simple. And right now, there are free parcels available in at least three regions that I am aware of. Lots of free land as these regions just opened a few days ago. Look in Voriena, Morgana or Luna if you’re interested. The first is a beach region, the second a town, the third a lakeside community. You can also get full regions or bring your own I believe…but I’m not familiar with how that works or what costs are involved. But the Mainland in AurorScape has free land. And there may be free parcels in privately-owned areas as well. I’ll put a “link” below for you to look into all this. (See, I told you I’d been to the 21st century.)

It all happened kind of quickly so I’m not yet sure what I’m going to do with this parcel. 2400sqm and over 2900 prims. Pretty nice, eh? A house? A pub? An office? Two out of three? Giving it some thought while I try my hand at building (again!) and explore the world.

It’s quite interesting to be one of the first settlers in a new world. There aren’t even 100 residents yet. I’m a virtual pioneer!

You can be one too. It’s a nice place. Come on over and take a look.

Come To Winterfell

Here’s something unusual. There is plenty of land available in Winterfell.

The first week of March will mark three years since I moved to Winterfell. Like lots of places in SL, land has changed hands many times in three years. But until not too long ago, there was never much land available here. A parcel here or there but not much to choose from. But things are different right now. No single reason. Last year a large minority community within Winterfell left to start their own sim. That caused a lot of land to be available all at once, an unusual situation. In this economy, it takes a long time to recover from something like that. So that’s a big part of it. Add to that the general economic situation in RL and SL and here we are. You can find the perfect parcel (or two) right now.

In the southern towns there are a number of 1024s and 512s available. Good for commercial or residential use. In the north, where the landscape is woods and waterways, Winterfell Sanctuary, has just been redesigned completely and has 4096s available. If you ride or raise horses, that area will be of particular interest.

Winterfell in SL has been around since 2006. Here’s a quote from the covenant…

“Winterfell is a fantasy realm modeled after old world Europe and is graced with deep forests, rolling hills, grand estates, charming towns and many waterways to explore….

Wnterfell is a fantasy setting welcoming the European architectural styles ranging from the Tudor Period (1500’s) to the Georgian Era (early 1800’s).”

And there’s also a bit of Steampunk thrown in, early Steampunk I call it. That’s how I ended up here.

I have a new pub in the south of Winterfell, The Storytellers Pub in Laudanum. There are 512s next to it that are perfect for shops. I live up north in Ebonshire in a writers and artists colony where there are still some cabins available at a great rate.

Others news from Winterfell…

The Ferry has returned with an updated route. The Winterfell Ferry is one of the gems of Second Life. If you have never taken it, do yourself a favor. A couple years back it was voted the Most Romantic setting in SL. It’s a great ride with your significant other or you can treat yourself. Beautiful scenery.

We have a new sim too. It’s called Here Be Dragons and it is open water, great for sailing. There is a lot of good sailing across Winterfell. I took a trip from Here Be Dragons up to Ebonshire a couple of weeks ago. Fantastic!

We also have a new community blog:

Come to Winterfell!