This & That

It has again been a busy time in the other world and that has taken me away from my duties here for a time. Unfortunately, that situation will continue for several more weeks. But, most importantly, all is well in the “first” world. I have had a little time in the last few days to return to this world and show my face a bit.

The Tall Ships Races were held in Winterfell over the weekend, in support of the RFL campaign. What a grand event it was! A fine afternoon of sailing and seeing friends who I have missed in my time away. Only time to wave and say hello and promise to catch up as soon as time allows but just nice to see everyone again.

Winterfell’s newest citizen…

Word around town was that Lord and Lady Twilight had a new addition to the family. As Winterfell Ambassador, I certainly would not comment on rumors involving our realm’s “first family.” But Lady Twilight herself has confirmed the story in an announcement in Winterfell’s official newspaper. Baby Twilight, called Selena, arrived with The Mist…which comes and goes in Winterfell in a manner which I have not observed elsewhere, in all my travels through time. What a wonderful world this little one has entered. My best wishes to Selena and the entire Twilight family. And a belated Happy R’Day to Lord Twilight. I understand quite a bash was held in his honor while I was away.

Speaking of Rez Days, Addison Greymyst hosted a small gathering of friends on his special day last week. I was pleased to attend as I have known Addison since he first came to this world. Just two years but it seems like more. How virtual time does fly! (Addison, your gardens are absolutely lovely!)

Follow up on Steeltopia..

It’s gone from the map. I had the opportunity to check in several times in the days following my last report. Then I was away. Upon my return, I tried to travel to Steeltopia again. It was not possible though it still appeared on my live map. However, a check this morning shows that to no longer to be the case.

The Empire is just a memory now.

It makes one appreciate what they have. To make a home in such a wonderful place as Winterfell and to see it survive through the ups and downs and bumps and turns of this world is a special thing.

Little Selena doesn’t yet know how lucky she is. But we know.

I hope to see you around the realm soon.