Still More Tweets From The 19th Century

The Falling Anvil in Tamrannoch has added music! And a new beer garden! The owners of the Bashful Peacock are now operating the tavern.

Addison Greymyst, my friend and former neighbor in Austral, and whom I also know from New Toulouse, has taken up residence in Winterfell Laudanum, up on the western hill. He has a wonderful view of Cape Wrath.

I attended several of the Mardi Gras events in New Toulouse. I was honored to escort the Sultana of Al Andalus, Rose Springvale, to the dances. Ms. Springvale has taken a house in New Toulouse and is now a neighbor.

At the Steampunk Explorer offices we now have our first “freebie.” Blues Mynx Designs has created a Steampunk Explorer’s Starter Kit for us. It comes with maps, goggles, a compass, a Brownie camera, backpack, duffle bag, tweed caps and a top hat. You can pick one up at our offices in Caledon – Penzance and Tamrannoch, Winterfell Laudanum, Academy of Industry (NB) and Steelhead.